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Flat Cut Palm

The Flat Palm Goalkeeper Glove Cut is perhaps the style that most Goalkeepers recognize across the world.

With a Flat Palm cut the palm is usually a single piece of latex which is connected to the backhand with gussets on the outside of the glove,

generally this results in the glove being slightly looser around the fingers.



Expanse Cut Palm

The Expanse Cut provides a complete all round latex glove.

Latex surrounds the hand at all axis points and the design provides comfort and flexibility that follows the shape of the hand.

This innovation has become hugely popular with professional goalkeepers and is widely regarded in the marketplace as the most notable development in glove technology in recent years.

1Roll Finger Palm

Roll Finger is one of the most Traditional Cuts or Palm Styles.  The Fingers are rolled over the fingers in order to create maximum Contact with the ball.

This cut is sometimes called GUN Cut.

It also includes a Stitch in the Middle two fingers to help create the Rolled Effect. With a Roll Finger cut the glove palm is attached directly to the backhand of the glove resulting in a rolled effect around the fingers. The obvious benefits of this is that you create a larger surface area and therefore ball to contact is greater and also it provides a slightly snugger fit around the fingers than with the Flat Palm



Negative Cut Palm

The Negative Goalkeeper Glove Cut is another one of the new styles which have slowly dragged customers away from the traditional flat palm and just like the Roll Finger.

The main difference between the Negative Cut and the Flat Palm is that the stitching which attaches the latex palm to the gussets is on the inside of the glove. This creates a very snug fit around the fingers and also helps to prevent the movement in the latex i.e. the glove twisting which gives the Goalkeeper a really solid feel for the ball.



Hybrid Cut Palm

The Hybrid Cut is additional style which is slowly growing as a unique twist on the above cuts and basically is when the index and little finger are made using the roll finger design as described above but the remaining middle fingers are cut in a different style i.e. negative or flat palm.

Hybrid often fits the hand better by combining the best features of multiple Cuts.

With Hybrid cuts we see Gussets or pieces of material between the Palm and Backhand.



Finger Protection Palm

Our range of Goalkeeper Gloves with Finger protection gives the keepers the confidence to stay in net for 90 minutes without injury to their fingers from shots, free kicks and penalties.

Our finger support goalkeeper gloves have been adapted and offer finger and thumb protection with the addition of finger bones to the glove to stop the bending back of the fingers and the thumb to ensure that goalkeepers can




Hyla Cut Palm

Hyla cut is a favourite version of Palm, which combines a flat body with stitch less roll finger. Which provides an unrivalled comfort and natural claw shape to aid ball control and retention.